Airvape’s “Master Plan”

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Airvape’s “Master Plan”

Benefits That You Didn’t Know About your Herbal Wax Portable vaporizer!

Herbal Wax Portable Vaporizer’s work by heating substances to a point in which they are vaporized and turned into a gas but not heating them to the point in which combustion occurs. Herbal wax portable vaporizer’s bring the temperature of your herbal wax up just enough to extract some of their important chemical properties but without setting them on fire.

Due to the lack of smoke to enter the lungs, herbal wax vaporizing is a healthier alternative to smoking.

Airvape’s wax cup attachment is a much better option than the alternative!

As already stated, vaping herbal/wax is a far healthier alternative than smoking. Research shows that 80% of smoke consists of chemicals that aren’t cannabinoids – the components of marijuana that have psychoactive or medicinal properties. When using a herbal wax portable vaporizers, these unhealthy chemicals are not consumed.

Herbs/Wax can be vaporized at the perfect temperature with The Airvape Xs!

Something to keep in mind: Certain herbs/wax heat at marginally different temperature intervals.

This is why it’s important to do research on the various herbal/wax portable vaporizers on the market and get one that can vaporize with exact

temperature control.

Airvape’s Master Plan is to come out with an insane upgrade that will leave you breathless! Metaphorically speaking, of course.

The Airvape Deluxe will have a much larger display, including a finger print scanner, touch screen! Watch out, iPhone!

AND a child proof top to secure your herbal/wax and mouthpiece!

Airvape also has an incredible upgrading program!

Send back your old herbal wax portable vaporizer and get 50% off towards the Airvape Deluxe!

Do you want this awesome upgraded Airvape unit


Refer just 4 of your friends and get your Airvape

Deluxe absolutely for FREE!

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